Introducing ADVENTR.CO

I’ve been thinking about updating this blog for a while to highlight my trip reports, but I never found a solution that I was going to be totally happy with, so I decided to copy my trip reports off to a new site….where I will only post trip reports. That new site is ADVENTR.CO

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you might have noticed that I already posted the first day trip report from my trip last week over there and wondered what was going on. For now, I’m still planning on copying my trip reports here too….but I’m not sure how long I will keep that up? So if you are interested in following my trip reports and seeing them as soon as I post them, you might want to add ADVENTR.CO to your RSS reader of choice.

I’m slowly adding all of my old trip reports over there, so there’s not too many right now….but eventually they will all be over there, too.

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