Hotel Rock

Hotel Rock (Blanding, UT)

Hotel Rock is a very fun trail that takes you to some nice Anasazi ruins on top of Little Baullie Mesa. This trail takes off from Comb Wash just past the Arch Canyon trailhead. While the trail is not overly difficult, it does have a few rocky sections and steep climbs along the way. Near the start of the trail, there is a side trail that takes off to the left and offers a great overlook of Arch Canyon.

A little further up the trail is a narrow and off-camber section of shelf road that may bother some less experienced drivers. The biggest obstacle is a large steep ridge that needs to be climbed, with a sharp turn halfway up, and a steep descent on the other side.

This trail is a must-do for anyone interested in exploring Anasazi ruins. It makes a great weekend when combined with Arch Canyon. Plus there are a number of other Anasazi ruins to explore along Comb Ridge and Butler Wash.

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