Golden Spike

Golden Spike (Moab, UT)

Golden Spike is a difficult and bumpy trail that takes a while to complete, even though it is only seven miles in length. There are a number of challenges and famous obstacles along this trail. Some of them such as double whammy, are optional, but a majority of them do not have a bypass. Launch Pad, Skyline Drive, the Golden Stairs and the Golden Crack are some of the more notable obstacles on this trail.

In order to reach Golden Spike, you must approach it from either the Poison Spider Mesa trail or by Gold Bar Rim and Rusty Nail. Most commonly, this trail is run starting from Poison Spider Mesa and finishing on Gold Bar Rim. This is an excellent route to tackle this trail, but be warned, it will take a good majority of the day to complete this trail, so make sure you are prepared. Many groups have been stuck on this trail overnight because of broken parts on the trail. I ran this trail with two other Jeeps and it took us almost seven hours to complete.

This is definitely a ‘must do’ trail in the Moab area, but it is certainly not for stock vehicles. A modified 4×4 vehicle is recommended with a driver who has experience.

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