Four Arches Canyon

Four Arches Canyon (Moab, UT)

Four Arches Canyon is a short trail that takes off from the Gemini Bridges Road about a mile west past the Gemini Bridges turnoff. While the intersection is signed and points towards the canyon, it does not appear to be very well travelled.

The trail starts out by dipping down into a slickrock wash and then through Crips Hole. You will pass some private property before entering the canyon. Once the canyon starts to get narrow around you is where the arches will be located. There will be two arches on your right and two others on your left, for a total of four. The ones on your left are difficult to find, as they are hidden pretty well in the canyon walls. Much of the trail is easy until you reach the end of the canyon where the trail gets pretty washed out.

This is a very nice trail to explore and to go arch hunting. It would make for a great day when combined with Bull Canyon and the Gemini Bridges so you can explore the entire drainage system.

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