Escalante Rim – Dry Mesa – East Creek

Yeah, I ended up spending some more time on the Uncompahgre Plateau today since I wanted to stick close to home.

I started out on Delta and made my way to Escalante Canyon on the Escalante Rim trail. From there I took the Dry Mesa trail up onto the Uncompahgre. When I reached Divide Road my plans were to explore some spur trails off of the main road, but it seems there has been a lot of rain up on the plateau lately because all of the trails were very muddy and slick. I decided to skip the exploring until it dries out up there again (maybe in the fall). On my way back home I explored a few short spurs along Highway 141 that went off towards East Creek.

Some photos from the day…

Grand Mesa in the background on the Escalante Rim trail

Overlook of Dry Creek Escalante Fork

Headed down to Escalante Canyon

Made it to the Dry Mesa trail

There are some Ute petroglyphs along the trail, unfortunately they are severely vandalized….I was able to find a few of them in the mess, though…

Headed up onto Dry Mesa

Climbing higher onto the plateau


Rain in the distance and the La Sals

Point of Interest

East Creek area

Clouds on the hood

Before heading home I stopped to find a geocache