Day Trip to the Book Cliffs

Today, Amanda and I headed to the Book Cliffs in Utah for a little day trip. We started out by heading to Crescent Junction. Instead of hopping on the interstate, we decided to take the old abandoned US Highway 6 & 50 as far as we could.

Here’s the old Colorado / Utah state line marker

We were able to take the old highway to the second Westwater exit before we had to jump on the interstate. After making a short gas stop in Thompson Springs we hopped back on the old highway and made our way to Crescent Junction where we turned right and headed for the Book Cliffs.

After making it over Thompson Pass we hung a right and continued up Floy Wash.

We passed this old cabin along the trail

…and then this cemetery right before we met up with Sego Canyon

Next we took a left and headed to the ghost town of Sego in Sego Canyon

Then we followed Sego Canyon another ten miles until we reached the locked gate at the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation.

On our way back down the canyon, we stopped at the Indian Rock Art for a few photos.

…and if you look closely in this one, you can see where the pictographs and petroglyphs are located.

On our way home, we took some sections of the old US Highway 6 & 50 we had missed on the way there.

The full gallery can be found here.

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