Color Sunday at Powderhorn

Today, Amanda and I headed up to Powderhorn Ski Resort for their Color Sunday event. We wanted to ride the ski lift and check out the Fall Colors while we were up there. Luckily we got there when we did, as there was no line for the lift. However, after our ride the line for the lift was very long! The ride too almost an hour and the colors on the Grand Mesa were changing nicely. We had fun. After our ride, we had some lunch and checked out the resort before heading back home. I also checked the place out, since I am planning on trying skiing for the first time this winter 😉

Here’s a few photos I snapped while we were on the lift.

Staring up, we were facing the sun the whole way…

Amanda checking out the colors

Almost at the top

Turning around at the top….we were not allowed to get off 🙁

Headed back down

Our shadows

View to the bottom

Lots of color

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