Feb 3 2011

30-365 | Day 358


With the new camera and lenses, I needed a tripod that could handle the heavier weights. This new carbon fiber tripod that just arrived today can handle more weight than my old one and still manages to weigh the same.

Feb 2 2011

30-365 | Day 357


My new Canon 100-400mm lens got here today. I can’t wait to really try it out this weekend! That’s two lenses down, only one more to get before my next big trip in April….

Feb 1 2011

30-365 | Day 356


City of Grand Junction, Colorado

Jan 31 2011

30-365 | Day 355


21 megapixels means I need a lot of memory to get through the weekends. I’ve been getting disappointed with Amazon’s free shipping lately. I ordered this memory card the same day I ordered my camera, and it arrived almost a week later….

Jan 30 2011

30-365 | Day 354


I found these petroglyphs while hiking up Mill Creek Canyon near Moab today. All of the figures appear to have wings, so I’m calling them the BirdMen.