Nov 5 2010

Utah GPS Track Updates (11-5-10)

I’ve been falling behind on my GPS tracks the last few months. Hopefully I will be able to catch up this winter (plus finish a few other projects I have started for the website). Here’s a few new tracks added to the Utah GPS Tracks Page to get going again. I’ll get more up as time allows.

Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument

  • Cedar Wash Road
  • Chimney Rock
  • Fortymile Ridge
  • Red Well
  • Sooner Slide
  • Willow Gulch

Sep 27 2010

Colorado GPS Track Updates (9-27-10)

Here’s a few more tracks from this weekend added to the Colorado GPS Tracks page:

Flat Tops

  • Colorado River Road
  • Derby Mesa Loop
  • Flat Tops Trail (Scenic Byway)
  • Sunnyside Road (Five Pine Mesa)
  • Trappers Lake Road

San Juan Mountains

  • Coal Creek (Miller Mesa)

Sep 23 2010

Utah GPS Track Updates (9-23-10)

A few more added and updated tracks on the Utah GPS Tracks Page.

Henry Mountains & Capitol Reef

  • McMillian Springs Overlook
  • Pistol Creek

Moab | La Sal Mountains Area

  • Burro Pass
  • Geyser Pass
  • Gold Basin
  • North Beaver Mesa *
  • Polar Mesa
  • Polar Mesa Loop (Mesa Road) *

Sep 22 2010

Colorado GPS Track Updates (9-22-10)

Some more tracks on the Colorado GPS Tracks page this rainy evening:

San Juan Mountains

  • First Notch Trail (Massey)
  • Gold Run Loop
  • Jersey Jim Lookout Loop
  • Mineral Wonder Gulch
  • Rabbit Canyon Loop
  • Sliderock Basin (Twin Lakes)

Sep 21 2010

Utah GPS Track Updates (9-21-10)

I’ve added and updated some more tracks on my Utah GPS Tracks Page.

Abajo Mountains & Elk Ridge

  • Nizhoni Road
  • Steamboat Point

Henry Mountains & Capitol Reef

  • Bartons Peak
  • Bull Creek Pass
  • Copper Ridge Point
  • Sawmill Basin Road (Wickiup Pass)
  • South Creek Ridge