May 31 2009

Hiking, Biking, Jeeping, Geocaching, Photoing

What a great day! Amanda and I woke up early this morning and headed over to McDonald Creek for a little hiking. This is a nice easy hike that starts out near Castle Rocks and then heads down to the Colorado River.

There are also some pictographs along the canyon.

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Mar 27 2009

New ‘GeoStats’ Page

I added a new page last night to my website here called ‘GeoStats’ These are my current geocaching stats of caches I have found. I’m hoping my geocaching is going to be picking up this year, so keep an eye on those stats, as they are kind of interesting (well, at least to me they are).

You can find the link to the new GeoStats page in the menu bar across the top, or by clicking the link below:



Mar 21 2009

Delicate Arch

Amanda under Delicate Arch

Having been to Arches National Park a number of times, it was strange that we had never made it over to the most famous arch located there; Delicate Arch. We set out this morning to make the hike to Delicate Arch. Here’s a few photos from our hike.

Wolfe Ranch

Lots of people

Other side of the arch

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Feb 16 2009

Presidents Day Geocaching

Since Amanda and I both had the day off from work, we headed off to do some geocaching around Moab. After finding a few caches on our way there, we had a late lunch at the Moab Brewery and stopped at a bookstore before heading home. Of course, we stopped and found a few more caches on our way home, too 😉

Enjoy some photos from the day!

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Feb 14 2009

Valentines Day at Black Canyon

Today, Amanda and I headed over to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. While most of the roads weren’t open this time of the year, we did a little hiking around the South Rim.

Gunnison Point Overlook

Unfortunately, it was closed, too…

If you look closely, you can see the Gunnison River below

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