Nov 13 2008

Merry ‘very early’ Xmas!

A little while back, Amanda said she had wanted to get a Wii for Xmas, so I agreed to go in on half the price of the Wii and some accessories and games and call it an Xmas gift to both of us. We knew with the holidays getting closer, it would probably become more difficult to find one again, so we decided to pick one up early today while were out shopping 🙂

So far we ended up getting the Wii console, Wii Play with extra remote, an extra nunchuck, and rechargeable battery packs with charging stand.

Oct 23 2008

Taking my photography to the next level…

While I think I have taken some pretty good photos with my Canon point & shoot cameras over the years, I have lately been realizing that I was pushing the limits on what those cameras can do. (Don’t worry, my P&S’s still serve a purpose, and I’m pretty sure I sill still be using them well into the future.) I have wanted to get a DSLR camera for a while and finally decided to pull the trigger on getting one this week. I spent a lot of time researching and comparing cameras and ended up picking up the Canon Rebel XSi (EOS 450D) from Newegg and just had it delivered today 🙂

I’ve very excited to start using this camera and hopefully will become a better photographer over time. My main reason for picking it up now, is because I would like to use it on some upcoming trips I have planned to Comb Ridge and Arches National Park before the end of the year. I’m hoping to get some practice with it this weekend at the Colorado National Monument, so check back for some of my first shots with it.

Here’s a couple of stock photos of the camera

Now I just need to save up and buy some nice lenses for it. I think the Canon 10-22mm wide angle lens is first on my wishlist 😉

Jun 27 2008

Canon Powershot SD890IS

A few weeks ago in The San Juan Mountains my old trusty Canon Powershot SD700IS started making some bad grinding noises when the lens would retract. I have got dust in there before that cause a noise before, however this was not that noise. It was a sign that my camera was on it’s way out of commission. I had to get a new camera to replace it, since the last thing I wanted was to be out and about and have the camera completely die on me.

After some searching around, I settled on Canon’s new Powershot SD890IS which is an upgraded version of my old camera. It is 10 megapixels and has a 5x optical zoom built in.

The camera arrived today, so I took a few test pictures of Moab and Tellico 😉

Mar 31 2008


I’m posting this little message from my AT&T Tilt using a new software application called moBlog. Now I can post to my blog more easily when I am out and about 🙂

If you have a Windows Mobile device, you can check it out here.

Feb 5 2008

Geotagging with the Tilt

Now that I have my new HTC Tilt (that just so happens to have a built in camera and GPS), I can finally play around with a technology that I have been wanting to for a while. Geotagging. With this phone, I am able to take a photo and have the GPS coordinates logged in the EXIF data so that I can map where the photo was taken.

Here’s my first test photo taken in the parking lot at my office uploaded to Panoramio:

Click Here

Too bad the camera on the Tilt isn’t the greatest….but it will still be fun to play with until I get a better camera with a GPS built in 😉

Placing these geotagged photos into Google Earth along with some geocaches found and GPS tracks from my trips might make for a nice presentation of the trip. There’s a lot of cool possibilities with with technology 🙂

Now if only Canon would make a point & shoot camera with a built in GPS….