Feb 17 2008

Wrenching at Zach’s

Just got back from spending all day at Zach’s shop with a small group of friends. We spent most of the day working on Doug’s Jeep.

Here’s a few pictures from the day 🙂

Zach cutting off the tire carrier

Brian and Eddie working on the new fenders

Working on the rear tube work

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Feb 7 2008

First to 100 Shows: Chicago Auto Show

This year, The Chicago Auto show is celebrating it’s 100th show. They had a cool section setup with some very old cars that I thought I would share some pictures and info about. So enjoy.


1902 Cadillac Runabout: $750

1905 Buick Model C Touring Car: $1,200

1904 Autocar Runabout: $900

1905 Franklin Gentleman’s Runabout: $1,400

Feb 6 2008

2008 Chicago Auto Show

Here’s some pictures from the 2008 Chicago Auto Show today.

Let’s start with the Jeep display.

Then the unveiling of the new Dodge Challenger

Dodge Ram 2500 on display

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Dec 9 2007

Toys for Tots 2007

Some pictures from the annual Toys for Tots event held this morning.

Full gallery can be found here.

Nov 23 2007

Chili for Charity

Just got home from TIJA’s Chili for Charity event that was held at The Cliffs Insane Terrain. Was a good time for a great cause. The chili was good, and so was the raffle 🙂

As always, here’s some pictures from the day.

The raffle prizes

Doug’s Jeep

A few of us lined up

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